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    There is more to know
    than simply asking
    “what’s my commission split?”

      Your Real Estate Broker Career & Interview Resource Courtesy of The Signature Real Estate Companies!

      The Signature Real Estate Companies wants to help you prepare for your upcoming Real Estate Broker Interviews!  As you consider starting your new career in real estate or if you are an industry veteran, simply changing to a new Brokerage firm, we want you to know all of the very important things that you must consider as you contemplate which Real Estate Brokerage firm to join. is your guide to interviewing for your important real estate career!  Don’t interview with another Brokerage before you read Signature’s helpful questions and formulate your own specific questions as part of the critical interview process.

      Signature has long been highly concerned with the well-being of Real Estate Professionals.  As the most “AGENT-CENTRIC” Real Estate Brokerage firm in the State of Florida, Signature is always looking out for the best interests of its Team Members.  The firm is constantly striving to elevate the standards in the real estate industry and as such, we have developed the most attractive and most aggressive engagement opportunities for Real Estate Professionals.    Far too many Real Estate Professionals, who act as Independent Contractors, fail to consider all of the important aspects of affiliating with the RIGHT Real Estate Brokerage firm.  There is more to know than simply “what’s my commission split?”

      With a 100% focus on advocating for the success of Signature’s Real Estate Professionals, we have developed a detailed checklist of questions of everything you need to know before joining a Real Estate Brokerage.  When you select an independent firm or a national franchise company, you should be aware that every Brokerage is slightly different and it is important to know the cold hard facts so that you can best prepare yourself for a successful career in real estate.  THE DIFFERENECE IS IN THE DETAILS!

      Please see the tab on our website labeled “What To Ask” and be sure to print out our downloadable PDF so you can take the helpful questions with you to your next Real Estate Brokerage interview.  You should be sure to get all of the questions answered so that you have all of your facts straight.  Signature recommends interviewing with at least three (3) Real Estate Brokerage firms before you decide on where to join (or change to) so that you have a good means of comparison.  Please let your Real Estate colleagues know about the great value in using and thank you for being in the Real Estate Profession!

      For more information on The Signature Real Estate Companies or to arrange for a confidential meeting with our firm’s Broker and President, Ben G. Schachter, please feel free to contact Ben directly at or 561.302.9099 (mobile). 

      To visit us on-line, please see: for Information on The Signature Brand & Departments for Careers & Recruiting Information for Corporate Background, Officers & Affiliated Companies

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